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Long before the chemical structure, or even the existence, of AHA's was known they were unknowingly used to to improve skin condition. Egyptian women bathed in sour milk, French women in the court of Louis XIV washed their faces with old wine , other old fashioned facial masks were made from fruit, honey and yogurts. All these were unknowingly taking advantage of the properties of Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

AHA's are naturally occurring acids that are usually extracted from fruits, The most often used are:

  • Glycolic Acid   From sugar cane and honey
  • Lactic Acid From Sour milk
  • Citric Acid From Citrus fruit
  • Tartaric Acid From fermented grapes
  • AHA's are most frequently used in anti-aging and acne treatment products.

The Benefits of AHA's are:
Slows down the aging process; helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles; increase elasticity; exfoliates dead skin cells; stimulates natural collagen production; minimizes pores; improves the texture of rough and damaged skin; helps to even out skin discolorations; normalizes oily, acnic or troubled skin; gives a smoother fresher appearance.

Many estheticians and doctors use AHA peels in the treatment of acne and anti-aging. It is recommended to have a peel done at least once every two months to remove dead skin cells. Best results are seen after a series of 6 peels, one every 7 to 14 days. Home care products are highly recommended to achieve and maintain optimum

All our products are gentle and safe for any skin type.

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